Joy Karley, MS, MA, NCPT

Workshops, Master Classes, and More 

Workshops appropriate for clients &/or instructors

The Fabulous Foot Workshop

Stretching The Truth - The Science of Stretching

Postural Self-Assessment and Alignment Correctives

Higher Extensions

Beyond the Kegel:  Pelvic Floor Conditioning

Effective Abdominal Training

Tech Neck Tactics

It’s All In The Balance

Optimizing Performance Through Nutrition

Workshops for Instructors

The Critical First Five Minutes: Quick Scan Plans & Fast-Thinking Tactics for Open Level Classes

Postural Assessment and Alignment Correctives for Group Classes & Private Training
Foot & Gait Assessment, Correctives & Conditioning for Group Classes

Mastering the Multilevel 

Hands On:  Sharpen Your Cueing Skills

Hip Mysteries

The Mysterious Psoas…  

Understanding and Training the Shoulder
Amp Up Your Barre & Mat Classes!  Choreography for Barre & Standing Mat
Pilates Circuit Circus
Stretching Your Chair Repertoire with the EXO Functional Resistance Kit

Balanced Body™: Twisted Reformer

Send Your Clients into Orbit

Big Time Circuit Circus – Large Apparatus Circuit Programming

Master Classes / Workshops

Pilates: Mat, Reformer, Mixed Apparatus, Props
Pilates for Dancers
Dance: Ballet, Pointe
Fitness: Sculpt, Tabata, Barre, Core/Ab Training, Circuit, Cardio Sculpt, Cardio Dance, Suspension, Bosu

Foot Conditioning Class (All levels, open to dancers & non-dancers) 

20 is Plenty–Intense Interval Training

Balanced Body Barre™ Formats
Balanced Body Barre™: Strong Core, Toned Arms

Balanced Body Barre™: Long, Lean Legs!
Balanced Body Barre™: HIIT The Barre

Balanced Body Barre™: Power Barre

Bodhi Formats™ (suspension rope training)

Balanced Body Bodhi™: Pilates Meets Suspension
Balanced Body Bodhi™: Chiseled Suspension Intervals

Balanced Body Bodhi™: Focus on Flexibility

Balanced Body Bodhi™: Suspension Circuit Intervals

Balanced Body Bodhi™: Dancing on the Ropes


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